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Four Campaign Goals: The Why of a July 4, 2019 Start to the 2020 Senate Race

On July 4, 2019, Professor Victor Williams launches his campaign early -- with four goals:

1.   Jumpstart the VA GOP Senate nominee selection process to insure that Republicans have ample time to both raise funds and unify around the strongest woman or man that emerges from the scrum. (While we actively fund raise and work for 2019 GOP nominees for their statehouse races. We must do both!) Victor urges all potential Senate candidates to join him in also beginning their campaign early.


BREAKING NEWS -- July 8, 2019

Just four days after Victor' call for a JUMPSTART, former congressman Scott Taylor, on July 8th, also announced his intention to run.

Victor commended Taylor for his quick decision to jump in the contest and praised Taylor for his “stellar service to our nation – both in the military and in Congress.” 

As Victor welcomed Taylor to the race, he expressed hope that other GOP Senate contenders would also join the race early, saying: "With all Republicans working together, I know that Mark ‘Russia-Hoaxer’ Warner will be soundly defeated.”  


2.   Evidence early how extreme Mark Warner has turned as his party advocates socialism, late-term abortion/infanticide, race reparations, and Green-New-Deal (coal killing) policies.

3.  Launch a historic effort to appeal to conservative-moderate Democrats to reject Warner and send national elites of both parties a populist message  -- America First; 

4.   Demonstrate how "deep and wide" President Trump's support runs in Virginia. With “promises kept,” Virginia is solid Trump Country.

As he done as chair of Law Professors for Trump, Victor will also use this campaign platform to continue his condemnation of the partisan, anti-Trump congressional investigations as patently unconstitutional. 

And, as he runs for the US Senate, Victor praises Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and GOP leadership for recent rules reform to institute more timely traditional Senate confirmation votes for nominees.  In years past, Senate confirmations took only days or weeks -- not months and years. .

However, Victor respectfully asks GOP leadership to stop blocking President Trump's recess appointment power. The GOP Senate continues its "pro forma session shams" every three days to block Trump from using his Article II, Section 2, Clause 3 alternative appointment authority. 

According to the Supreme Court's recent dictate in Noel Canning, the Senate must break for at least 10 days (without the pro forma shams). 

The Senate GOP can vote for such an adjournment. If the House disagrees with the Senate's adjournment decision,  President Trump's constitutional power to adjourn both chambers is triggered.

President Trump can then immediately fill important empty offices, such as the vacant Federal Reserve Board positions, with recess appointments.



At his July 4, 2019 campaign launch, Victor sincerely called for other GOP Senate primary contenders to join him the race now. He states:

"I encourage all competitors to jump in while the summer's hot. We need the strongest, best candidate selected."

"Let the strongest woman or man emerge to be the nominee.”

“We will have amble time to fund raise and to unify as Republicans.  We will even have time for a historic outreach campaign to conservative-moderate Democrats.  The color purple will mark  Mark Warner’s defeat in November 2020." 

Victor Williams for Virginia (
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