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16 Years of Warner is Enough. Northam + Fairfax + Warner = "Puckettgate II".


Mark Warner has repeatedly embarrassed Virginia, on the national stage, by his absurd anti-Trump slanders, and his partisan Russia-hoax investigations against President Trump, the Trump family and Administration associates.

Like so many elites suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, Warner just cannot accept the truth. No Collusion.  No Obstruction.

Instead, it was Mark Warner who was caught having extensive contacts with a Russian oligarch’s lobbyist (March and April of 2017). 

Unearthed texts prove that Warner was attempting to further gin-up the Russian-Collusion hoax by soliciting the help of infamous foreign-agent Christopher Steel (author of the fictional, Democrat-funded dossier).

On Sunday television shows, Warner may still talk like a “bi-partisan moderate” but he walks like a “hard-partisan liberal,” especially as he follows the insane-leftist lurch off his national party elites.

Virginia joins the nation in being shocked by the every-increasing socialist, extremist agenda of Warner’s party:

*Legalize and Encourage Late Term Abortions (including post-birth infanticide);

*Kill Economic Growth and Fiscal Stability (with increased taxes and job-killing regulations);

*Throw Open the Southern Border (to allow a massive flow (invasion) of aliens who will be given free health care and other largess);

*Eliminate Medicare (insuring “Medicare for None” with a variety of socialist schemes some even making private employer insurance illegal);

*Enact Parts of AOC’s Green-New-Deal Fantasy (with huge economic costs including immediately bankrupting Virginia’s coal industry);

*Strip-Away American History Memorials, Traditions, Statutes, and Observances while Threatening Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights (restricting free speech, free religion exercise, and individual firearm possession).

Puckettgate II

Even back during his four-year gubernatorial term, Warner repeatedly put party elites over our Commonwealth’s welfare. The betrayal pattern has greatly worsened during his time in the swamp.

Warner embarrassed Virginia by his pathetically weak and conflicting responses to the disgusting racist and rapist scandals of Gov. Ralph Northam and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax.

Of course, all Virginians remember that Mark Warner has never adequately explained his own 2014 Phil Puckett scandal.

How could a United States Senator from the Commonwealth of Virginia believe it was good form (or even legal) to offer to sell a federal judgeship in a quid pro quo for a local politician's partisan cooperation? 

Virginians will remember Warner's Puckettgate scandal in November 2020, and will remember that Warner's priority remains the party elites. 

Warner's conflicting responses to the Northam/Fairfax scandals should be described as "Pucketgate II" because Mark Warner again chooses party over Virginia.

Most recently, Sen. Mark Warner actually said that Ralph Northam had a "right" to keep his high office if the Governor could talk his way out of the racist scandal.

Victor Williams says: "No politician has a ‘right’ to any public office in Virginia – not as a Governor, nor as a US Senator."

Victor Williams for Virginia (
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